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Unique World Products

Jose Amador has have the fortune to travel around, Inspired by the amazing handmade products he was able to see he decide to contact a few artisans and sell this products, the beauty of this business is that not only allow us to learn about different cultures handcrafted products but it supports this artisans that make unique products.


  • Logo Design

  • Brand Development

  • Color Palette Development

  • Typography Selection

  • Brand Patterns and Textures

  • Product Photography

  • Web Content Strategy

  • Website Design

Working on this project has been a blast, from the creation of a simple logo that wanted to represent quality control and the excellence of the products sell. The choice of the pallet of colors was meant to be simple to make each product stand out.

No doubt the photography part of this project is what I love the most, being able to take photos of the products and the detail put in each product is a great fortune and we want to show that on their website.




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