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Tidy Desk


I am a Colombian Graphic Designer, based in Colorado. 

Love everything to do with clean and authentic designs, I am a little obsessed with design in general, constantly browsing and enjoying beautiful designs created by my fellow designers, reason why I decided to pursue this dream. 


It's been an enjoyable and inspiring journey, I love each project I have had the pleasure to work with and try to learn a bit more each day to be able to give the best to my clients.


Arts have always been a part of me which today I see the advantage of it being a strength for my career. 

I have experience in management and design. this is also an amazing tool as a designer. I can see the needs of my client's business and look for the areas where my designs and marketing knowledge can help the most.

You will see I won't only take a project but I will study it and bring to the table ideas that I think are the best for you or your business. 

Neat Desk


MY COLLABORATOR TEAM - Because sometimes a hand is needed I work in collaboration with some awesome partners when is needed. 

We challenge each other and help each other to make sure we give satisfactory results to our clients. 

With many years of experience, this family business has the clarity and eye for amazing designs, it's a great honor to work with them and even to get their feedback every now and then. 

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